Sometimes it’s OK to let people know you are Big Dog

It’s been a while, Tony inspired me today. Check out the post that inspired me here.  So I thought I would share with you the fruit of his inspiration!


Unless you are a boastful, self-centered d-bag, you most likely don’t give yourself enough credit about how good you really are. Obviously, there are those on the opposite side of the spectrum… You know who you are. You aren’t nearly as cool as you think :)

Sometimes life is harsh

There are harsh realities that are far too easy to ignore.

It’s easy to blame someone else for your failures. If something is wrong in you life, if you are overweight, depressed, at a job you hate, a smoker who can’t quit, failing at life. It is your fault*, you are to blame!  You have to own the fact that it is your choices that define who you are. It’s not someone else’s fault you decided to eat that Big Mac, no one put that cigarette in your hand and made you smoke it. You did that.  You didn’t quit smoking because you didn’t want it bad enough. YOU didn’t just sack up and just quit..

You may be saying right now,”But, Tim! Quitting smoking is hard. It’s an addiction.” What do I say? Sack up, I quit smoking after smoking 10+ years. I wasn’t able to quit because I am special, or better than anyone else. I quit because I owned the fact that it was MY stupid decision to continue to smoke. No one was doing it to me, the blame was mine and mine alone. I had to want to quit and then I had to do it. I did it. It sucked, I was miserable, BUT in the end I AM BETTER than I WAS because I did it.

ARE you going to face the harsh reality, that everything in your life is your doing? That it is up to you to define your life? Are you going to be the BEST you, that you can be? Take ownership of your decisions, it is your life.

*Obviously, there are exceptions to this. There are people that are dealt a crappy hand of cards. Those cases are rare. And even then, it’s up to you to decide if are going going to fold and give up, OR are you going to sack up and try to win with the cards you have. If you are able to read this blog post, the are literally millions of people who have it much worse than you. Since you read this, you are able to see, right?

What are you, do you even know?

I originally sent this as an email to Fast Easy Traffic, and I really like it.. So I am posting it here as well!


When you are a member of a traffic exchange what are you?

Are you a surfer? Are you an advertiser? are you both?

The answer isn’t as straight forward as you would think.
Some will identify themselves as surfers, and not realize
they are both. Others will realize they are both. And others
still are just one or the other. I want to talk you about
why the vast majority of people in the exchanges who are
both a surfer and an advertiser, even if you don’t realize

Whenever you surf, you earn advertising credits. That is
the nature of a Traffic Exchange. When you spend those
advertising credits, you become an advertiser. As an
advertiser you want to to get the most value possible out
of your advertising. Unless you are like the Capital One
Toddler and don’t like more cash.

Why do you want to make sure your advertising is as
effective as possible? It’s simple, advertising and
promoting as an advertiser has more potential upside than
just surfing to win some prize. You can actually earn a
meaningful amount of money if you spend your advertising
in an educated way. You won’t ever earn more surfing prizes
than you will advertising, if you do it properly.

Well, what about those who surf for fun? I say awesome! I
am glad you like it. But, you should still be an educated
advertiser, unless you do not like or need money. And if
that is the case, lucky you! Jokes aside, you should still
be advertising in the most efficient way possible, or you are
just passing up the potential money that should be yours.

Now there is a reason for all this. I want to urge you
to evaluate your choices in Traffic Exchanges as both a
surfer and an advertiser. It has become endemic of Traffic
Exchanges to focus solely on surfing and not on advertising.
I am just as guilty as anyone else in this. But, I would
like to make a change. I want to bring back the balance in
Traffic Exchanges. I want to make both sides of our members
happy(Advertiser and Surfer). That is why we are doing
Extended Exposure Ads at Fast Easy Traffic. We want to
add value to our members on both sides of the coin. The
Surfer and the Advertiser. They are both important and one
cannot exist without the other.

Also there must be balance between them. If you choose favor
the advertiser, it will come at the cost of the surfer. The
opposite is true. If you favor the surfer, the advertiser
suffers. If you don’t maintain this balance the wheels will
begin to fall off, and there will be fewer and fewer sites in
rotation to surf. Fewer sites, fewer surfers.. and so on.

Extended Exposure Ads, is our attempt to do something that
is truly innovative, different and add value to BOTH the
Advertiser and the Surfer. For the Surfer they get to choose
if want to view the ad, AND they get rewarded 3 times as many
credits if they choose to view it. For the advertiser, they get
the opportunity to get more attention than they might have
gotten otherwise. And if the surfer chooses to skip the ad,
the Advertiser isn’t charged for the view.

Extended Exposure Ads aren’t here as an answer to some silly
timer vs. no timer debate. They aren’t here to force a timer
on anyone, because they don’t. The surfer can choose to skip
an Extended Exposure Ad at anytime. I don’t want to force anyone
to do anything. I have always favored using the carrot approach
to obtain action as opposed to forcing anyone to do anything.
The “forced timer” is a misconception caused by simple
misunderstanding. No one is forced to do anything. Extended
Exposure Ads aren’t here to to take shot at any program or
hurt any business. They are here to try something innovative
and new. To try and add value to both sides of our members,
surfer and advertiser! To further add value we are going to
make a small change to Extended Exposure Ads, Surfers will
now get a small amount of credits even if they choose not
to view the ad the entire time. The Advertiser still will not
be charged if the Surfer Skips the ad! We want this to be a
win-win for everyone!
Have you surfed the new Fast Easy Traffic? You should check it


This is what I think of you Tim Linden

So Tim Linden says I ripped him off. Well I have made a Video Response to what I think of him here.

When I replied to Tim’s post, in the comments I noticed that that Patrick doesn’t get Programmer humor.

That’s ok, not everyone does, BUT! Good news! I can help you.. The best way to understand something new is to immerse your self in it. Here, is the speech I gave at my sister’s wedding. It isn’t the funniest thing in the world. BUT, I do use Programmer Humor. So it should help Patrick become more familiar with it..

Focus, No really I told you to Focus

Focus is one key element to success that SOOO many people for get all about.

I am not going to preach about it though, because I have been guilty as the next guy of not being focused. They’re been many times, many, many times that I’ve gone and started a project only to get distracted by a new project and then start working on the new project. There many reasons people(me) do this, it’s human nature to want to do what you find interesting, so if even the tiniest bit of boredom creeps in its very easy to get distracted by something new and shiny.

I probably have countless side projects I’ve started and never finished. I’m going to admit right now that that’s a really bad thing. Don’t do that.

In fact, while I was writing this blog post, I lost my focus and actually updated this blog to the newest version of WordPress, and installed a plug-in. Did those things really need to be done right now? Probably not! And due to that lack of focus, writing this blog post took me close to an hour and a half, when it should have taken about 30 minutes, maybe even less.

Moral of the story, keep your focus!
Nothing good is accomplished without great continued effort.

My First Video Post

I had intended on actually posting here a little more often than I have..  No Excuses though. I have something I was inspired by and I just wanted to share.. It’s an early morning video, so i had just rolled out of bed.


So in my last post I said i wouldn’t talk about politics.. The next post I did, I already went back on that.. What can you do?

So What am I going to with blog..

Well I don’t really have a solid plan. I think I am just going to post here when I have inspiration.


If i try to say I am going to post all the time I will get bored and not do it.  There is only so much creativeness I can muster.

The things I will probably talk about…

Marketing, Programming(How could i not talk about programming), Random thoughts and stories..

Garbage no-one cares about.


The one thing you probably won’t see on here is politics..  Ok that is all i have for today..